Hospital IMG promotes health tourism in Canada - Hospital IMG

Hospital IMG promotes health tourism in Canada

The Hospital IMG continues to promote Punta Cana as an international health tourism destination.

In this way IMG executives traveled to Canada to explain to insurers and societies of Canadian patients the benefits of going to IMG in Punta Cana to perform medical procedures, within a high technology medical environment.

They were also explained the great preparation of Dominican doctors many of them with study abroad, and the exclusive medical services that IMG has in Punta Cana such as laparoscopic surgery, Magnetic Resonance, Neonatal Intensive Care, to name a few.

Likewise, the international department of IMG was presented, with the capacity to assist patients in 6 different languages, in agreement with 40 international insurance, and with facilities to offer international concierge services to patients.

IMG also attended an international conventions expo held in Toronto where IMG had the support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.