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Orthopedic Surgery

At the IMG Hospital we have state-of-the-art technology and a team of specialized professionals..

At Hospital IMG our patients are our reason of existence, therefore, we dedicate our total attention and care. We have state of the art technology and a great team of professionals, specialized in providing you the best results. In the area of ​​orthopedic surgery, we have a team of highly trained specialists to carry out a wide variety of surgical interventions ensuring optimal results and safety.

Orthopedic surgery treats acute, chronic, traumatic, recurrent disorders and injuries of the bones, joints and ligaments, muscles and tendons

Some of the available procedures:

  • Orthopedic trauma.
  • Knee arthroscopy.
  • Meniscectomy
  • Knee joint replacement.
  • Hand, ankle and shoulder surgery.
  • Hip replacement.

Medical Tourism

In order to offer an excellent experience to patients who visit us for medical tourism, if necessary, we contact you with reliable tour operators for planning your transport logistics and stay in the country.

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