Strategic Alliance between Hospital IMG and Cedimat - Hospital IMG

Strategic Alliance between Hospital IMG and Cedimat

Hospital IMG, which runs a private hospital in Punta Cana, signed an agreement with Cedimat.

A note from Hospital IMG indicates that it will cover aspects of medical, commercial, educational and strategic care.

It will have the shared vision of both institutions of advanced medical services and attention focused on patient service and safety.

It specifies that both institutions can provide first-class services to international patients as well as to national patients, including the application of procedures and joint medical protocols.

The president of Hospital IMG, Engineer Carlos Prato, and the director of Cedimat, Lic. Milagros Ureña, explained that this alliance between high quality health institutions will help establish the Dominican Republic as a safe and preferred destination for international patients.

This agreement will work on medical-surgical care, referrals of patients in necessary cases, as well as collaboration in the formation of human resources, making even other strategic alliances, since it would contribute to creating greater opportunities to have an economy of scale.

Cedimat will have an ally medical center in Punta Cana, in which they will develop the commercial, educational and medical collaboration area.

Engineer Prato added that part of the mission of the Hospital IMG is to believe in openness, which will allow it to compete with other markets such as Colombia, Costa Rica or Panama.

“There are many potentialities that, because of the geographical location we have and the number of flights, we can make an international audience, and obviously, a local audience,” he said.

“The mission of this center to offer services with the highest quality and safety for the patient is the same that Cedimat shares, we are very happy to start an alliance because, precisely, that is where the modern world is going: in joining forces , complement us to be able to compete not within a country, but to make a great force and be able to compete with other nations, where our real competition is, “says Ureña.

The act was accompanied by directors of both institutions and members of the press.